Striking Rich With Real Estate

House-Saving Scams, Quit Claim Deeds, And Preventing Your Homelessness: How A Real Estate Attorney Helps

There is an old hosue-stealing scam that is making the rounds again. This scam promises to help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure and prevent the loss of the home, but when you sign the paperwork, you are actually agreeing to quit your property and give ownership to the scam artist. Before you lose your number one investment, consult a real estate attorney. He or she can help you in the following ways, and help you avoid becoming the victim of this scam. Read More 

Three Ways To Keep Your House Out Of Probate When You Die

Many parents who own their homes outright want to leave the property to their children (or maybe, just one child, depending on the circumstances). However, you probably want to avoid putting the house through probate court, in order to spare your heir from the delay and cost involved. What are your options? Consider these three.  Joint Tenancy With The Right Of Survivorship You can add your child to the property as a joint owner with the right of survivorship. Read More 

How to Prepare to Be an Executor

When someone asks you to be the executor of his or her will, that person is putting a ton of responsibility on your shoulders. That person is expecting you to be able to navigate the legal system, deal with relatives who might disagree with the will, and essentially ensure that his or her wishes are carried out. You will likely find this process stressful. To decrease the stress that you feel, you will want to talk to the person who is writing the will before he or she passes away. Read More 

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Your new business is finally at the stage where it's time to lease commercial space. But there are pitfalls to avoid. Leasing commercial real estate is different than renting residential real estate. Find out what can happen, and how to avoid it. Zoning Problems After you're all settled into your new leased business space, and you've opened your doors to customers, an official drops by from the town hall. It turns out that your location isn't zoned correctly for your business. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire An Attorney To Assist With An Auto Accident Case

Being involved in an auto accident is an experience that can exact a severe emotional, mental, and physical, and even financial toll. However, hiring a personal injury attorney can make the situation easier. Here are two ways that an attorney can help with the process. Settlement Offer One way an attorney can assist you is by helping you to decide if you should accept a settlement offer. While a settlement offer may seem like a great deal at first, keep in mind that the insurance company is only going to offer you the minimum that they think you might accept. Read More